Living Case Studies

Tracking transformative change in real time.

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Transformers at work

Most academic case studies are rather like insects pinned to a board—beautiful, but dead from the moment they were captured. By contrast, living case studies remain open, tracking the relevant organizations through the subsequent ups and downs of the process.

In the same way that Wikipedia uses ‘stubs’, short articles, to begin building its coverage of key themes it plans to cover in more detail, we use stubs to lay the foundations for ongoing coverage of key Green Swan or Ugly Duckling initiatives.

Early living case studies will focus on:

  • Neste in Finland, the state-founded national oil company is now energetically transitioning to renewability and circularity.
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)’s Project Leven, aiming to reverse the decline of the economic, communities and natural environment in a disadvantaged area centred on the River Leven in Fife.

More living case studies to come.

Any ideas for living case studies?